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This section should include the overall conclusions of the review. The conclusions should provide direct answers to the review objectives/questions. These conclusions should be based only on the results of the review and directly inferred from the review results.

Recommendations for practice

This sub-section of Conclusions section should include the recommendations for practice inferred from the results of the review and inferred also based on the discussion of the generalizability of the results and the potential factors that may affect the applicability of results. Recommendations should be assigned a JBI Grade of Recommendation. Refer for the editorial by Munn 2015 for further discussion regarding the appropriateness of making recommendations in systematic reviews. 

Recommendations for research

This sub-section of Conclusions should include the recommendations for future research inferred from the results of the review, specifically, inferred from the limitations, issues and problems noted in the review process related to the search, selection of study, critical appraisal, data extraction, and data synthesis.