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Setting up your project


& protocol


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titleHow to log-in and create your protcol

Type in in your web browser

  • Select [Login]

  • Enter your username and password and select [Log In]

  • Select [Create Project]

  • Type the title of your proposed review in the Project title box

  • Select the appropriate review type checkbox/es

  • Select [Create]

  • Select [Protocol] from the top menu bar

Remember all text is fully editable – the text in yellow acts as a prompt and signifies that you are required to add in text to this section that is specifically relevant to your protocol topic.

Logging in and creating a systematic review

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titleHow to invite participants to your project

To invite participants to your project

  • Select [Overview] from the top menu bar

  • Select [Participants]

  • Add the name and email address of the other members of your team and select [Invite]. A message should appear at the top of the screen notifying you that the person was successfully invited.

  • Once the invitee has accepted the invitation to join the project you are then able to assign them a role. Invitees can be privileged authors, authors or reviewers.

Please note, that every invited member to a JBI SUMARI project MUST have their own, paid access to JBI SUMARI. If you have invited particpants who do not have their own JBI SUMARI account, they will not be eligible to join your project.

Please click here for a full description of permissions and access associated with each JBI SUMARI user role.

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titleWho can invite participants to the project?

The project owner can invite anyone to join their project. The level of access the invitee can be assigned is up to the discretion of the project owner. If you have been invited by the project owner as a privileged author you will also be able to invite other participants to the project.

Please note, that each, individual user will need their own access to JBI SUMARI and access cannot be shared between users.

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titleWhy can’t I accept an invitation to participate in a project?

If you have been invited to a project and cannot accept your invitation it may be because your invitation link may have expired. Invitation links only remain ‘open’ for a short period of time. If you are experiencing this issue, the project owner may cancel your current (inactive) invitation and re-invite you using the same email address.

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titleWhat permissions do the project roles have?

Project OwnerPrivileged AuthorAuthorReviewer
Can invite participants

Can edit roles allocated to participants

Can edit project owner

Can view the protocol builder

Can edit the protocol section headings and text

Study Selection
Can view the studies

Can create and import studies

Can decide to include or exclude studies

Can conduct a preliminary critical appraisal

Can conduct final (third) critical appraisal

Can view/edit own final critical appraisal results

Can view/edit all final critical appraisal results

Data Extraction
Can conduct data extraction

Can view final data extraction results

Can edit own final data extraction results

Can edit any final data extraction results

Can perform qualitative synthesis

Can perform meta-analysis

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titleHow to develop your protocol

Developing your protocol

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