Log-in to your JBI SUMARI account

How to log-in via the JBI SUMARI website

Via the JBI SUMARI website - https://www.jbisumari.org/

  • Select [Login]

  • you will be redirected to a login page which displays the following options:

  • If you have a complimentary subscription or individual subscription via MYJBI, select [Login via MyJBI]
  • If you have an institutional subscription, select [Login via Ovid]

  • If this is the first time you have logged in via MYJBI, you will need to activate your MYJBI account.  Do this by simply logging in using your SUMARI username and password.

How to log-in via the MYJBI website

Via the MYJBI webpage - https://api.my.jbi.global/login

  • Login with your username and your password
  • Go to the ‘Products’ tab and Click the blue OPEN button for SUMARI 
  • Click the blue LAUNCH JBI SUMARI button  

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