Basics of JBI SUMARI


JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) is a software package designed to assist in the conduct of JBI systematic reviews. JBI SUMARI is a web-based application that is available for purchase via Lippincott’s Nursing Centre on the Evidence-Based Practice Network. It is designed to assist researchers and practitioners in fields such as health, social sciences and humanities to conduct 10 different types of reviews including reviews of effectiveness, qualitative research, economic evaluations, prevalence/incidence, etiology/risk, mixed methods, umbrella/overviews, text/opinion, diagnostic test accuracy and scoping reviews.

Access through MYJBI

Individual subscriptions can be purchased via MYJBI for US$130 per annum.
If you attended the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program you will have complimentary access to JBI SUMARI for 12 months.
If you are an active core staff member of a contributing JBIC Centre of Excellence you will have complimentary access.

Access through Wolters Kluwer/Ovid

An annual subscription to JBI SUMARI can be purchased from JBI partners Wolters Kluwer via Lippincott’s Nursing Centre on the Evidence-Based Practice Network. Purchase an annual subscription for $130.

How long is my access?

If you have completed the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program you will have complimentary access to JBI SUMARI for 12 months from the date of account activation. 

How do I cite JBI SUMARI?

If you have used JBI SUMARI in your research project please use the following citation...

Munn, Z., Aromataris, E., Tufanaru, C., Stern, C., Porritt, K., Farrow, J., Lockwood, C., Stephenson, M., Moola, S., Lizarondo, L. and McArthur, A., 2018. The development of software to support multiple systematic review types: the JBI System for the Unified Management, Assessment and Review of Information (JBI SUMARI). International journal of evidence-based healthcare.

The full article can be accessed by following this link

Is my computer compatible with JBI SUMARI?

SUMARI is an online web-based application. This means you don’t need to install any software. To ensure you receive the best of user experience, we recommend using a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox when using SUMARI. In some other browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Safari) there are some features which will not work correctly, such as the qualitative synthesis.

Can I work on my review offline?

Currently SUMARI is only able to be used online. We are investigating offline use and hope to have this as a feature in the future.

What are the permissions for participants on my project?

Project OwnerPrivileged AuthorAuthorReviewer
Can invite participants

Can edit roles allocated to participants

Can edit project owner

Can view the protocol builder

Can edit the protocol section headings and text

Study Selection
Can view the studies

Can create and import studies

Can decide to include or exclude studies

Can conduct a preliminary critical appraisal

Can conduct final (third) critical appraisal

Can view/edit own final critical appraisal results

Can view/edit all final critical appraisal results

Data Extraction
Can conduct data extraction

Can view final data extraction results

Can edit own final data extraction results

Can edit any final data extraction results

Can perform qualitative synthesis

Can perform meta-analysis

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