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Welcome to JBI Reviewer's Manual

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is an international not-for-profit research and development organization within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Find out more about JBI 

We collaborate internationally with over 70 Universities and Hospitals across the world who subscribe to our definition of what constitutes evidence and our methodologies and methods in relation to evidence synthesis. JBI and its Collaborating Entities promote and support the synthesis, transfer and utilisation of evidence through identifying feasible, appropriate, meaningful and effective healthcare practices to assist in the improvement of healthcare outcomes globally.

Our major role is the translation of research evidence into practice. One of our strengths is in the conduct of systematic reviews that reflect a broad, inclusive approach to evidence and accommodate a range of diverse questions and study designs.

The JBI Reviewer's Manual is designed to provide authors with a comprehensive guide to conducting JBI systematic reviews. It describes in detail the process of planning, undertaking and writing up a systematic review using JBI methods. The JBI Reviewer's Manual should be used in conjunction with  JBI SUMARI help pages and videos available here

We highly value the contribution of reviewers to the international body of literature used to inform clinical decision-making at the point of care. It is important that this work continues and is distributed in a variety of formats to both those working in and using health systems across the world. We hope that this work will contribute to improved global health outcomes.

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