Note: This form should only be used for reviews that follow a convergent integrated approach, i.e. integration of qualitative data and ‘qualitized’ data following data transformation. For reviews that follow a convergent segregated approach, reviewers should use separate data extraction forms: the JBI quantitative data extraction tool and the JBI qualitative data extraction tool.    

Reviewer:                                                                                                           Date:                                                                      

Author(s) of the publication:                                                                             Year                                                                       

Journal                                                                                                               Record Number                                                    

Type of study

  • Quantitative study          
  • Qualitative study
  • Mixed methods study

Methodology: (e.g. randomized controlled trial, phenomenology)

Number of participants:

Characteristics of participants

Phenomena of interest

Setting and other context-related information (e.g. cultural, geographical)

Outcomes or findings of significance to the review objectives

For a quantitative study, for example


·   29% of survey participants reported feeling embarrassed having an asthma attack with friends; only 39% disclosed their asthma to friends

·   32% were embarrassed about taking asthma medication in front of friends; only 38% reported taking asthma pump when going out

Reference: (Cohen et al., 2003)

For a qualitative study, for example:

Themes or Subtheme

Illustration (a direct quotation from a participant, an observation or other supporting data from the paper)

Parental support

‘I can take my medicines by myself, but my parents remind me of taking the medicines and they fill prescriptions at the pharmacy. I always talk to the pediatrician or asthma nurse together with my parents.’ (page 834, Koster et al., 2015)

Author’s conclusion

Reviewer’s Comments

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