The JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis provides guidance to authors for the conduct and preparation of JBI systematic reviews and evidence syntheses. The JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis has separate chapters devoted synthesis of different types of evidence and to address different types of review questions. 

The first three editions of the JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis were published in book format; subsequent editions have been published online since 2017.

This manual is presented in an online wiki format to facilitate rapid inclusion of developments and updates to the JBI methodologies and methods for evidence synthesis that are presented. A .pdf version of the JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis is also available here. The .pdf version is updated periodically (see date), however may not contain all of the latest revisions to the Manual. Users are advised to cross reference the relevant sections of the online manual during the conduct of their review.


This version of the JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis includes changes that correspond to the latest methodological developments determined by the JBI Methodology Groups and JBI Scientific Committee, the latest developments with the JBI SUMARI software and also feedback by users.

To stay up to date with methods appropriate for JBI systematic reviews, it is recommended potential reviewer's attend the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program


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