This section should include a narrative summary of the details about the design and details of the included studies. Relevant characteristics of the included studies for which data were extracted and are needed to understand and interpret the results of the study should be synthesized in narrative. This includes the descriptive and demographic features (e.g. the country and setting of the study) of the included studies, as well as the main clinical characteristics, as they relate to the review objective and the inclusion criteria (e.g. PICOs). For example, in a review of effects, synthesize characteristics of the population, intervention, comparator, outcomes, and study design. Information on interventions should include treatment modalities and the amount, duration, frequency and intensity of the intervention any details related to the follow-up of the participants. Population characteristics should include the number of participants (i.e. study size) and demographic information such as age, gender and any information relevant to the specific review question (e.g. past medical history, diagnosis, co-morbidities).

Reviewers should provide an appendix of the review report summarized details of the included studies. The examination of the table of included studies should suffice to convince the readers that there is good match between the included studies and the inclusion criteria.

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