There are several required appendices for a JBI review:

Appendix 1: Search strategy

  • A detailed search strategy for at least one of the major databases searched must be appended.

Appendix 2: Data extraction instrument

  • The data extraction instrument used must be appended i.e JBI SUMARI Data Extraction Form.

Appendix 3: List of excluded studies 

  • Studies excluded following examination of the full-text should be listed along with their reason for exclusion at that stage (i.e. a mismatch with the inclusion criteria). This may be as a separate appendix or itemized in some fashion within the one appendix with those studies excluded at the critical appraisal stage. Reasons for exclusion following appraisal should be provided for each study (these reasons should relate to the methodological quality of the study, not study eligibility). 

Appendix 4: Table of included study characteristics

  • A table of included studies is required to provide quick reference to important details extracted from of the studies included in the review.

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