This section forms a structured abstract of the main features of the scoping review. The abstract should accurately reflect and summarize the review with the main focus on the results of the review. Refer to the author guidelines of the journal you plan to submit for journal related guidance.

The abstract should report the essential elements of the review using the following sub-headings in this order:

  • Objective: State an overarching review objective structured using the key components of the inclusion criteria (approximately one to two sentences).
  • Introduction: Briefly describe what the issue is under review and what is already known on the topic (approximately two to three sentences).
  • Inclusion criteria: Summarize the inclusion criteria as it relates to the type of review being conducted. Present the information in one or two sentences – NOT under individual subheadings.
  • Methods: List the key information sources searched (those that provided the majority of included sources of evidence), any limits placed on the scope of the search (e.g. language), and the date range, or the date of the last search. If the recommended JBI approach (i.e. this chapter) to source selection, data extraction, and the presentation of the data was used. (Alternatively, briefly describe any notable deviations to the methodological approach taken).
  • Results: The bulk of the abstract should be reserved to convey the main results of the review.
    • As a general rule, report the number and type of included sources and participants, as well as any pertinent source characteristics.
    • Report the main findings and results that have been charted in relation to the review’s objective and question/s. 
  • Conclusions: Articulate brief overall conclusions based on the scoping review findings. This should be articulated in a way that directly responds to the objective and question/s of the scoping review. Briefly convey key implications for practice and/or research (if made).

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