Details of requirements in these sections are described in Section 1.6. of this Manual.

Conflicts of interest

A statement which either declares the absence of any conflicts of interest or which describes a specified or potential conflict of interest should be made by the authors in this section.


Authors should provide details regarding any sources of funding for the review project. The role of all funders in the review process, if any, should be explicitly described. If the review is funded, then any potential conflicts of interest or intellectual bias of the funders should be specified in the review. Sources of funding of included sources in the scoping review may also be stated.


Any acknowledgements should be made in this section. Acknowledgements should be reserved to individuals who have contributed to the manuscript yet whose contribution does not constitute authorship. Details of the contribution should be included, for example conceptualization, review of draft and feedback. It should also be noted if the scoping review is to count towards a degree award.

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